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Grade 5s will be going to Shepparton High for science this semester. Students have been learning about adaptations and how animals survive in the wild.

Homework Week 2


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Students need to learn the lyrics to “Mickey” and start “Funky Town”. Complete maths sheet looking at coordinates and multiplication practice.

Homework Week 1


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This week we have been focusing on location. To support this you need to draw a map of your house, including a key or legend and make the rooms relative in size.


Don’t forget to keep reading and recording your books in your journal.

That Sugar Film


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Last term the SKM was learning about healthy eating and the hidden sugar content in foods. I believe it is important that students be made aware of these issues so they can make informed choices about what they are eating. To support this learning we will be watching “That Sugar Film” which has recently been released. It is rated PG and is about one man’s journey to discover the truth about sugar and the effects of a high sugar diet on a healthy body, consuming only foods that are commonly perceived as ‘healthy’.

Please talk with your children about this very important issue. It is an excellent chance to include them in real life skills of shopping, reading health labels and making choices.



Super Sneaky Sugar


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Yesterday in Maths we looked at the amount of sugar in some popular drinks. Some were known sugary drinks while others were advertised as being healthy for you.

We order the drinks first according to sugar per 100ml and the sugar amounts weren’t so bad …

but someone pointed out no-one ever just drinks 100ml so we looked at how much sugar was in 1 serving of each drink.

Check out our results.

2015-06-23 08.21.11

Coke (64g), PowerAde (43.6g), Red Bull (27g), Ice Tea (29g), Juice (20.2g), Up and Go (19.3g)

2015-06-23 08.23.20









Now we learnt from a previous lesson that it is recommended that children only have 2 teaspoons of sugar a day or 8g of sugar (1 teaspoon = 4grams). None of our drinks, even the ‘healthy’ apple juice or “Up and Go” came in below this amount. We looked at the why companies choose certain words for their containers like “no added sugar”, natural, health rating of 4.5/5. Hopefully when we go shopping next we will look out for these little tricks and check out the nutrition panel.

Seriously Super Scrabble


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Hey guys its SKM here and we are talking about scrabble. Yesterday the whole class went to the hall to play a game of upsized scrabble.  Our class had a N, I, A, A, Q, R, T. We made 4 words and scored 36 points (Brodie helped keep track of the score). We were competing against all the other classes in our school. It was awesome fun. Well done team!

2015-05-19 12.36.20 2015-05-19 12.36.24 2015-05-19 12.38.22 2015-05-19 12.38.58

Crazy Hair Day


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Well done to everyone who donated and supported crazy hair day. It was a lot of fun and the money was for a great cause.

Check out some of the interesting doos.


crazy hair 1  crazy hair 2  crazy hair 4

Commenting on other blogs


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It is very important when blogging that any comment you leave is a quality comment. On most blogs you need to scroll down under a post and look for the ‘leave a comment’ section. You then might have to put in some details that allow you to leave a comment. Once you have found yourself in the right place there are several steps you need to remember:

1. Start with a greeting, and close it officially as well-sort of like a letter.

2. Always remember correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.

3. Make your comment relevant! Add more information about the post, compliment the author or ask a question regarding the post make sure it is related.

4. Always re-read and edit the comment before you submit it.

Never include personal information about yourself and have fun commenting!

(Thanks SGD for these excellent suggestions)

Homework Expectations


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It is expected that students will read independently for at least 15 to 20 minutes a night. Students have been given a reader journal that they can fill out as they read at home, which you can sign. Some suggestions for reading material are novels, magazines, newspapers, comics, song lyrics.

Students will also be receiving spelling homework throughout the year. This will be based around a spelling rule that they need to focus on.

During the year students may also be given different maths tasks to complete that will allow them to practice what we have been doing in class. In Grade 5 there is a large focus on improving the recall of multiplication facts, so any practice regarding this area would be great.

Students are being encouraged to be independent and to take more responsibility for their learning. Please feel free to help if your child needs it but encourage them to be responsible for completing it on time and packing it in their bags.

Friday swimming


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A great time was had by all the 5s and 6s at the swimming pool on Friday. We have swimming this Friday as we’ll so remember your bathers and towels.




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